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We are thrilled to announce that we are officially expanding CampusWise to other colleges/universities. We need motivated team members on each campus who can carry forward our vision of a simpler college experience. As a CampusRep you will be a part of an exciting startup, and will receive exclusive benefits. We are still evolving as a company and you will be a founding member of our first class of CampusReps. Think you've got what it takes?

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There are tons of perks to being a CampusRep at your school. One of the unique features of our program is the influence each CampusRep has on the future of CampusWise on their campus. There is a distinct "start-up" feel in our company because that's who we are, and as a CampusRep, your rewards are based on your success. When we first launched CampusWise at Old Dominion University in 2014, we knew that our future as a company depended on our hustle and drive to bring a better textbook system to the students of ODU. Some of our benefits are received as soon as you are accepted to the program, but many are performance based and increase as your campus becomes more active.

Buy and Sell fee-free on CampusWise!

As soon as you're accepted, we encourage you to use the loved CampusWise services to buy and sell your own textbooks. We give you the entire sale amount of your book (minus the PayPal fees).

Get paid on every delivery!

Once books start selling on your campus, some students will choose to have their books delivered rather than meeting up with their seller or buyer. As the CampusRep for your school, you will be responsible for the delivery and taking the payment on your provided card reader. The $5 fee will be sent to you for every book you deliver (minus the PayPal fees). Once more and more students start buying and selling books, the demand for deliveries will increase, helping you earn more and more!

Your very own CampusTee!

After the first 100 books get posted on CampusWise from your campus, you will receive your very own CampusWise T-shirt to welcome you to the team and congratulate you on reaching this milestone.

$10 bonus for every 50 sales!

For every 50 textbook sales that occur on your campus you will receive a $10 bonus for your hard work. Again, as more and more students start using CampusWise at your school, your bonuses can really add up and there is no limit to how many bonuses you can receive.

Tons of sweet CampusMerch!

As soon as you're accepted, we'll send you a welcome packet that includes an array of items including our popular laptop, phone, and book stickers, window clings, and other cool items to pass around to your friends, students on campus, and customers!

Your very own credit card reader!

Once you're accepted, we'll get you set up with your own card reader that you will use to collect payment for book deliveries. You are free to use this for any other future business ventures.

Commissions on sign-ups a sales!

Receive a $5 bonus on any person* who you get to sign up for a CampusBiz plan (*must remain for 1 semester). Also, earn $3.43 on every on-campus CampusBiz delivery you complete for a seller on your campus*. So, the more people you get to sign up, the higher your number of deliveries is! (*Delivery fees minus PayPal transaction fees)

Commissions on CampusCoupon sales!

Network with local restaurant owners and sign them up for CampusWise's extremely popular CampusCoupon program. Receive a $5 bonus on every restaurant that purchases a CampusCoupon promotion package because of your work!

Learn valuable skills!

Learn the basics of a variety of areas including social media networking, customer relations, marketing, and many more!

Become a part of the team!

Being a CampusRep makes you a part of the team. Be one of the few behind this innovative company and experience the thrill-ride that is a college startup. As a CampusRep, you get to stand with us in almost anything we do in your area. Be with us at presentations, events, launch/brand parties, and media exposure, where you will hang out with anyone from the President of your university, to Hollywood actors, to Silicon Valley tech gurus, to hip-hop artists. You never know who you might add to your network, or which newspaper you will be featured in next.

Great experience for resumes!

Add working for a fast-growing startup to your resume and impress future employers with entrepreneurial experience.


Book Deliveries

Student book deliveries are a source of revenue for our CampusReps, and are relatively simple. For any sale in which a buyer chooses to purchase a delivery, make sure to schedule a time to meet with the seller in order to pick up the book, and then deliver the book to the buyer. Don't forget to collect the delivery fee on the card reader provided so you get paid!

Spreading the Word

Make sure to use traditional word of mouth, flyers, and merchandise to spread word of CampusWise to students on your campus. Flyers are supplied by CampusWise prior to the start of the semester, along with business cards, stickers, and many other items.

Social Media

The most important marketing for CampusWise is on social media. Students are much more likely to try CampusWise when posted about on social media, rather than seeing it on a flyer in a lecture hall. Students searching/selling books on Facebook pages appreciate comments with CampusWise links, because they feel helped. They have extremely high engagement and success rates, and there should be CampusWise replies on every book post!

Partnering with On-Campus Organizations and clubs

Get involved with other groups on your campus and partake in mutually beneficial marketing. Groups like the school newspaper, radio station, news club, student government, activities council and many more groups can all help you reach more and more students.


StudyRoom is a new college startup that can exponentially grow the number of users from your campus and the number of book postings for your campus. Sign up in all classes and post at the end and beginning of the semesters which immediately sends an email to every student in the class! Also post on the main university page!

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